Dark chocolate madeleines

Throughout next month, I will be taking a leaf from the last year’s launched book, ‘The Essential baker’


by Carole Bloom and bake delicious cakes, cookies, and snacks. I will make a guest appearance in Star


Tribune’s famous host Kim Ode’s cookbook review show Edesia at Barnes and Noble on May 19th.


Edesia is a term meaning Roman goddess of food. I will grace the show by my expert opinion on food


and share the tastes of some sample goodies straight from the book.


Let’s start our today’s journey with French Madeleines. Our family shares a rich history with the good old


chocolate. These small scallop shaped cakes or cookies as they are called endearingly have been made


popular by Marcel Proust. My husband loves to gorge on them. They happen to be in his all-time favorite


cookies list. He makes sure to place an order for a whole batch every Valentine’s day only to keep eating


them all alone. On receiving the book, ‘The Essential baker’ from Kim as the one to be reviewed, I found


unfailingly tempting photo of Madeleines on the cover page and instinctively knew which one was going


to be my first recipe from the much-appreciated book. At the same time, I must confess to my dear


readers, it won’t be an easy sail for me. In the past, I did try various recipes, however, every time I end up


trying the time-tested recipe version made by Joel Robuchon which she documented in the book jointly


written by Patricia Wells.


The book has exhibited five different flavors of Madeleines and I think each one flavor is dependent on


the mood one is in and can be best cherished in a certain state of mind. The recipe is painstakingly


elaborate and you have to plan well ahead to make the most of it. The batter depends much on the flavor


of browned butter which enhances the taste the more its refrigerated. Carole bloom on the other hand


shares a much easier recipe yet it fails to capture my attention as am too passionate about the old Joel


book. The enticing flavor arising from browning of the butter, smooth sweetness of honey and silky


texture is too hard to resist.


My sons helped me in the baking the cookies from Carole Bloom’s book. This is precisely because of the


clarity of instructions in the book. The oven part was operated by me and the outcome of a crunchy small


cake is delicious and caught the immediate attention of my 6year old and husband. He loved them to the


core, however, would not like to call them Madeleines. I guess he’s too conventional for that.
Looking forward to more recipe from Carole’s book


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