Thursday, June 13, 2013


Well hello there! Its been what, a year? I. Am. Such. A. Slacker...

Where do I begin. Our family literally lived out of boxes for about 6 months while waiting to close on our new home. SIX MONTHS!!! The last thing on my mind amongst boxes, toys, two kids and a whole lotta mess, was blogging. But, we have finally moved in and going on our second month of living in our beautiful home. Hallelujah!

I love our new home and more importantly, I love cooking in my new kitchen. I have so much more room and beautiful natural light. While I have been cooking, I have not been able to take photos and blog about the new dishes I've tried. So tonight, I took the opportunity to quickly snap a photo of this amazingly simple and delicious dish that everyone will enjoy.

Preparation takes less than 15 minutes and with only five ingredients, you're gonna want to make this every week. The first time I made this dish, both my kids devoured the drumstick like a caveman. Literally grabbed a drumstick and went to town on it! And the sauce. Oh the sauce. I saved it and poured it over my salad, rice, veggies, eggs, good.

Friday, July 27, 2012

I like chicken. My family likes chicken. And I'm always in search of making an economical, easy and tasty meal for my weekday dinners. I often buy an organic whole chicken from Wholefoods for about $10. Seriously, $10 for an organic chicken is such an amazing deal! And not to mention, flavorful, juicy and tender. 

I love ordering this dish when we eat out. And I especially love the ginger & scallion oil. I've always wondered how this dish was prepared and assumed it was time consuming and difficult. Well folks, I was wrong. In fact, this dish is relatively simple and quick. Technique is important here so please follow the directions carefully. 

The poached chicken is super moist and the stock created during the process is great for an asian style soup. I made extra ginger scallion oil so I could use it for other dishes. In fact, it's great on oatmeal topped with a couple of fried eggs. Believe me, it was divine. It's also great on veggies, steamed salmon or other fish and plain old steamed rice. And this  awesome website is where I found this amazing recipe.